Sensor Choosing Guide

With an overwhelming offer of tracking devices from dozens of manufacturers, it may not be clear which one best suits your needs.

Make the right choice in a couple of minutes

This brief guide will help you understand which level of visibility your shipments require. To get there, the topics discussed are:

📡 Live vs. post-shipment data

🔁 Multiple vs. single-use devices

🌡️ Types of data

After reading, you will have a clear overview of the different options in the market and will know which sensor is the right fit for you.
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Why did we do this guide?

After numerous talks with clients about which sensor they should choose for their cargo, we gathered quite a bit of knowledge on the matter. That is why we thought it would be valuable to offer a guide for freight forwarders and shippers.

We worked hard in making this guide very complete but time-saving as well. By reading these few pages, you will have a clear overview of the maritime container sensor market and decide which device is right for you.

If you lack time to read, we also developed a bot to help you figure out which sensor will suit your needs. Just go to the download page and answer its questions. Within a few minutes, you should receive your suggested sensor via email.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or feedback. We hope you enjoy it!

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