About Hononga

hononga: [Māori] (noun) union, relationship, connection, bond, joining place, link

We are incredibly serious about culture. In fact, we even have a specific word to describe what we strive for: our Hononga.


Everyone has the right to give feedback to others. Moreover, asking for feedback is key to personal and professional growth, and to our success as a team.

Empowering others

We want to create spaces of collaboration that empower everyone to take action.

Integrity & transparency

Doing the right thing, when nobody else is looking.

Striving for excellence

Through innovation and creativity, we become the best versions of ourselves.

Leading by example

The true proof of leadership is what you do from day to day to lead yourself.

Learning from failures

We encourage everyone to take action, and with that inevitably comes failure. It should be treated as an opportunity to learn.

Growth mindset

Joining the Dockflow journey means thinking BIG. There are no excuses, only challenges and ways to overcome them.


We are passionate about creating an inclusive workplace that promotes and values diversity.


We are in it for the long term. In everything we do and every decision we take, we consider long-term effects of our actions.

Enjoying the journey

We create a dynamic and welcoming environment where work is fun, challenging and exciting.

We work incredibly hard to achieve our ambitions. However, it is equally important to combine this with a good dose of fun: flying drones around the office, an ongoing Age of Empires competition - and whenever possible, guest office dogs.
Pauline Van Ostaeyen
I enjoyed every minute working for Dockflow. The atmosphere is young, driven and professional. Dockflowers work hard and they take their jobs seriously. The team takes their time to invest in young starters.

I really felt motivated every time I was around the team. We weren't just colleagues, we were friends.
Seeing the team moving forward, I really want to follow them in their steps.
Lazlo De Bock
Lazlo De Bock
Software engineering intern