In a fast-paced change landscape, embrace digital to bring your logistics business forward

Compared to other industries, logistics and supply chain organizations fall behind when it comes to digital disruption. Traditional roles in linear supply chains are under threat by new technologies. There has never been a better time for your logistics and supply chain business to embrace digital transformation and bring your company ahead of others.

Digital is changing logistics, forever

We strive for a transition from traditional supply chains to interconnected sets of agile and dynamic trade networks. Imagine the endless possibilities of smart, open and automated systems: faster, better, cheaper and greener logistics around the world. This is embodied in the concept of the Physical Internet.

Data governance is key

We believe the solution lies in high-quality digital data governance and exchange. Creating an open, digital backbone for data exchange in global trade networks.

Holistic approach

We help businesses, governments and industries implement new technologies through a holistic approach: by considering the technical aspect as merely a part of the puzzle. We start from the real-world business and legal requirements, critically assessing how technology could improve the current situation.

Freight forwarding as a stand-alone business will be virtually extinct, since digital interactions will reduce the need for intermediaries.

McKinsey - Container shipping: The next 50 years

The KMO-Portefeuille supports business growth in Flanders

The SME e-Wallet (KMO-Portefeuille) is a web application through which entrepreneurs can obtain €10,000 to €15,000 of subsidies each year, supporting their further professionalisation and quality. The aid can be obtained when purchasing services provided by accredited service providers (Dockflow) in the areas of training and advice.

Up to 40% subsidized

For small enterprises, the SME e-Wallet covers 40% of your costs for eligible advisory projects with Dockflow – up to €10.000 each year. Medium-sized businesses enjoy a coverage of 30%, up to €15,000 per year.

Better strategic decision-making

The SME e-Wallet (KMO-Portefeuille) is intended to improve the functioning of the company. Our advice enables entrepreneurs to take correct and fundamentally informed decisions for their business.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is about so much more than implementing new tools. We guide you in developing digital-driven business models, digitalising core operations and building a long-term digital strategy.
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Digital trends & disruptive technologies

Digital trends & disruptive technologies

Your business is ready to embrace the latest technological innovations. Our expert team will help you find a suitable fit for your business and legal requirements.
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Data mapping & blockchain

Data mapping & blockchain

Can blockchain benefit your business? With a critical, open-minded approach, we research the feasibility of your use cases.
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Functional analysis

Functional analysis

We carefully analyse processes and generated data to enable you to have a clear scope and specifications before you decide to approach developers.
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Some of our projects

Blockchain in supply chains

For this project, Dockflow provides business analysis, opportunity mapping, functional analysis, workshops & guidance during software development.

Press release

Evolvable contracts management software

Functional analysis, capturing requirements, validating, customer & user feedback for contracting software

Blockchain research

Researching opportunities & viability of blockchain, creating an implementation roadmap.

Let's launch your digital logistics

If you are ready to embrace digital transformation in your logistics operations, we believe we might be a good fit. We would love to get to know your challenges. Together, we can create exciting, new solutions to transform your company for the digital era!

The consultants' commitment to the project is the main reason I recommend working with Dockflow.

Eric Verlinden, VIL