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Logistics forwarders’ role is transforming. It is no longer enough to provide shipment planning and execution at a competitive rate: customers expect more.

With Dockflow, your clients have an intuitive platform to track their shipments, monitor temperatures, and receive alerts.

How ArdoVLM successfully reduced logistics coordination costs

ArdoVLM ships worldwide collaborating with over 10 parties. As their shipping volumes grew, they started to face some inefficiency challenges with their software. They wanted a quick transition into a universal platform that would automatically update data and facilitate the coordination between the parties.

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We strongly believe digital is supposed to make your life easier – not complicate things further. That’s why we build Dockflow around the needs of logistics professionals like you.

Seamless integrations

In today’s world, businesses are using more kinds of software – not less. Our goal in becoming a lovable platform is to make it easy to complement Dockflow with a rich landscape of apps and data sources built by other companies.