Knowledge base

Understanding the dashboard

The dashboard is your home on Dockflow. It shows you a bird’s eye view of everything happening right now. To navigate to the dashboard, select

Resetting your password

Forgot your password? No worries. Follow these steps to change your password. Get access to your account by selecting Login with email link from the

Managing users

Dockflow makes it easy for you to share information with colleagues inside your company as well as people working at partner companies. To access these

Adding a new Tradeflow

A Tradeflow contains shipments, containers, cargo and partners. Creating a Tradeflow Navigate to the dashboard. In the top right corner, select the New Tradeflow button.

Logging in as one of your clients

When you are a forwarder assisting your customers in usage of the platform, it can be useful to access the platform as your managed client would. This

Log in to Dockflow

Learn how to log into Dockflow, reset your account password, login without a password, and other situations that could occur when you try logging into

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