Adding a new Tradeflow

A Tradeflow contains shipments, containers, cargo and partners.

Creating a Tradeflow

Navigate to the dashboard. In the top right corner, select the New Tradeflow button.

Choose a name or reference for your Tradeflow. Often, this will be your internal reference for the customer order or file.

When done, proceed by clicking on Create.

Your have now created your Tradeflow, however, it does not yet contain anything – let’s start by adding a first shipment.

Adding a shipment

Adding information to Tradeflows happens through the Actions menu.

From the modal, select the type of shipment you wish to add. Right now, manual creation of shipments is only supported for ocean or barge. The API supports road, rail and air freight.

Ocean or barge

If you already have a container number available for this shipment, select the Container number button. If you are creating a shipment where your container is not yet known, select Manual Entry.

Adding a shipment through container number

Enter the container number in the Container number field. Proceed by clicking the Add container button. This creates a shipment and adds your container to the shipment. Once you have clicked Save, Dockflow starts retrieving the information for this container. This can take up to a few minutes.

Adding a shipment without container number (manually)

Complete the shipment details and click Continue.

Fill out carrier and vessel information. Proceed by clicking Save and continue.

Click Continue. You are now returned to the Tradeflow page. Refresh the page to see your transport plan under the Shipments tab.

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