Adding new partner companies

Before you can share a Tradeflow with a partner, you must establish a relationship with this company on the platform. Learn how to add a relationship with a partner already using the platform or how to add a company that is not yet using Dockflow.

Managing your partnerships

Your users and business relationships can be managed in the Partner Center – accessed through the sidebar menu.


Select “Business Partners” to see an overview of your relationships.


Adding a relationship

Only admins in your organization can create relationships.

To add a new business partner, click the “+” symbol.

You will then be prompted to enter the organization’s VAT number (or other unique identifier provided to you by the partner).


Enter the number and hit “Validate”. In many cases, Dockflow will automatically retrieve company information based on this code.

A company new to the Dockflow platform

First situation: the company can be automatically identified based on VAT number / identifier

Great news, you don’t have to complete further details. The company info is automatically imported into the system and your partnership is confirmed. You can proceed to add the first user for this company.

Second situation: unknown VAT / identifier


If the company information cannot be retrieved based on the code you provided, you will be asked to manually enter the company details before proceeding. Once this is done, your partnership will be automatically confirmed. Proceed to add the first user for this partner.

Adding a user to a business partner

To add a user to another organization you are partnered with, open the action menu next to the partner’s name (⋮). Select “Show users”. Add a new user through the “Add a user to this organization” button.

A company already using the Dockflow platform

When the VAT number / unique identifier matches that of a company already using Dockflow, an admin user of that company will have to accept the partnership request. The partner will be displayed with an “❌” in the overview.

To accept a relationship request, your partner must navigate to the Partner Center in their account. Your organization will be listed with an “❌”. To accept, open the action menu (⋮) and select “Confirm partnership”.

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