Confirming transport events through the Action Center

To confirm transport events, navigate to the action center in the sidebar.

This will bring up a list of your tasks to confirm transport events.

Manual / indvidual confirmations

If you perform transports occasionally, you can manually confirm each individual task. When opening up a task, you will see some details such as the location and the requested date.

Click on confirm event to confirm the event.

You can now modify the date, which has been prefilled with the requested event date. If desired, you can add a note for additional clarification.

Save the entered details through Save event and complete task.

Quick complete

To quickly confirm an event without navigating to the additional details, use the Quick Complete functionality.

This allows you to input the details directly and submit instantly.

Waiving tasks

If for some reason, a task is not performed, you are able to waive this task.

Add the reason for waiving, for example, an agreed upon cancellation and click submit to proceed.

Bulk import of confirmed events

Export open tasks

If you are a transporter with a large volume of tasks, the bulk data import and export option will be interesting for you. First, export the list of open task to Excel through the Bulk data button. Choose Export tasks.

In the Excel you will notice that Dockflow groups tasks together by PO number. This makes it easier for you to match them to the respective transport you’re using in your own system.

Import completed tasks

The bulk import feature looks at tasks that have been completed: we will to upload only tasks that have been done. Remove any tasks that have not been completed from the excel by deleting the lines.

For completed tasks, you can adjust the event date if needed. You can also enter an event time, but this is not required.

Once you are done with the list of tasks you want to mark as complete go back to Bulk data and select Import from template.

You can upload from the file browser or simply drag and drop. Next, choose import.

The system will then start processing the file. Depending on the number of tests this can take anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes.

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