Log in to Dockflow

Learn how to log into Dockflow, reset your account password, login without a password, and other situations that could occur when you try logging into Dockflow.

Log in to your Dockflow account

To log in to your Dockflow account:

  • Visit the login page. Your forwarder might also have a custom access page set up. If you have not received the URL for the login page from your forwarder, you can always access your account with all features on app.dockflow.com until your forwarder provides you their URL.
  • Enter your email address. The buttons below now become active.

Login with email link (recommended for desktop and Android)

Select the “Login with email link” button. Check your inbox for a link to access the platform.

First login

If you have not yet set a password for your account, you will automatically receive a login link via e-mail at the address you entered. Once you open this link, you will be prompted to select a password.

  • Once you have chosen a secure password, click “Set password for your account”. You are now logged in.

Regular login

  • If you have easy access to your email, you can conveniently log in without a password by choosing the “Send a magic login link” option.
  • Once you click this button, you will receive an e-mail with a link.
  • Once you open this link, you will be logged in.

Common issues

GMail and Mail on iOS

If you are using the app on iOS, using the magic link is not recommended on your device. Please use the password method instead.

Spam filter

In some cases, your IT department might block emails containing complex links such as the magic link used by Dockflow. In this case, use the password method instead.

Login with password (recommended for iOS)

  • After filling in your email address, choose the Login with password button.
  • If you prefer using your password, enter your password in the field at the bottom of the prompt.
  • Choose Sign in with password

If you are experiencing any issues logging in, please contact us through the chat on the bottom-right. We will investigate your specific case immediately.

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