Logging in as one of your clients

When you are a forwarder assisting your customers in usage of the platform, it can be useful to access the platform as your managed client would. This allows you to see all data exactly as your customer does.

Important: only users with admin privileges can use this feature.

Login as your customer

  • Navigate to Settings in the sideabar.
  • Choose Partner center to manage your relationships.
  • Select Business Partners.

  • To log in as your customer, open the action menu next to the partner’s name (⋮). Select Login as <partner name>.

You are now viewing the the platform as your customer would.

Important: if you do not see the “Login as <partner name>” option, refresh your browser. You might need to do a hard refresh (Windows: Ctrl + F5 , Mac: ⌘ + ⇧ + R).

To return back to your account, simply select the Back to your account button on the yellow warning bar at the top of your screen.

Returning to your own account

To log in as yourself after logging in as a client, simply log out through the menu bar and an re-login.

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