Understanding the dashboard

The dashboard is your home on Dockflow. It shows you a bird’s eye view of everything happening right now.

To navigate to the dashboard, select Dashboard from the menu.

Header cards

The header cards show you important updates on the status of your shipments. The counters represent the number of Tradeflows that are currently in a certain phase.

  • Click on the individual cards to filter the Tradeflows below by each phase.

In transit

Shipments in transit have departed their origin port and are en route to the destination. This means they can be sailing or are at the transshipment port.

Arriving soon

Shipments arriving within a window of yesterday until two days from today will be displayed in the Arriving soon tab.

ETA change

Shipments with an important change in ETA will be shown under the ETA change card. The importance is determined by the size of the change as well as how nearby the old ETA was. This feature is still in beta.

In alert

The Alert card shows Tradeflows where an important disruption has been detected. This is specifically relevant if you are shipping refrigerated cargo with temperature monitoring enabled.

Container counters

The container counters show you how many containers you are tracking.


The Containers counter shows the current number of active containers.

Live locations

Live locations summarizes the containers with live GPS tracking.

Live temperatures

Live temperatures lists the containers with live temperature data.

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