What is a Tradeflow?

A Tradeflow is one or more shipments collected in one order. On your dashboard, all Tradeflows are displayed in a list:

About the logistics structure in Dockflow

To accurately represent logistics flows, we use a standardized, hierarchic model. Let’s start at the bottom level, the most basic object: a product. We will work our way up to a Tradeflow.

Products and their packing

Product CategoryA batch of apples from a specific harvest or of a certain variety 
Product– A single apple
– Six apples, packed in a small tray, intended to be sold that way
A specific selection from a Product Category 
CargoA pallet with 40 boxes of apples A combination of multiple products, packed for transport
Transport unit– An intermodal container
– A trailer
– A train goods wagon
– A vessel
Transport units can hold Cargo. Some Transport Units can also hold other Transport Units.

Stages of transportation

MovementAn ocean vessel leg from the port of sailing to the transhipment portThe most basic element: a Transport Unit (and its contents) moves from point A to B without interruption
Subshipment– A road shipment from warehouse to sea terminal
– An ocean shipment under a single booking, with transshipment
ShipmentA shipment of apples from a warehouse in France to a warehouse in Japan, including multiple subshipments The entire shipment from point of loading to point of discharge
TradeflowA customer order containing multiple shipments, under one internal reference n° 

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