Docky plugin for Outlook


Easily connect incoming e-mails to Dockflow by summoning Docky to deliver your documents.



Connect your inbox to Dockflow with the Docky plugin for Outlook. One click allows you to upload attachments from incoming and sent e-mails to the corresponding Tradeflow. Docky automatically sniffs out the correct Tradeflow based on the references in your document.

Installation guide

Download the plugin here (Windows).  Open the setup.exe file to start installing. You will receive this prompt:

Click on “More info”.

Next, select “Run anyway”

Finally, click “Install”. You might need to restart your Outlook application to start using the plugin.

Container dockflow

Get started with Dockflow and Outlook

Seamless integrations

In today’s world, businesses are using more kinds of software – not less. Our goal in becoming a lovable platform is to make it easy to complement Dockflow with a rich landscape of apps and data sources built by other companies.