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Food safety comes first

Dockflow gives you peace of mind: full transparency and traceability of your refrigerated ocean shipments. Instant alerts enable you to mitigate condition issues before it’s too late – improving operational efficiency and reducing food waste.

Through combined data from reefer controlling units and from your own devices, freshness of your temperature-sensitive shipments is ensured. Dockflow makes it a breeze to know the precise whereabouts and condition of your shipment.

How foodcareplus beats the market with Dockflow

foodcareplus receives shipment event updates from ocean carriers and temperature & location data from dedicated sensors inside the reefer container. They wanted to turn this data into meaningful information, easily accessible to logistics partners, customers and employees.

Instant access for customers and their supply chain partners

Your customers deserve better data. When giving them access to Dockflow, shippers can track their sensitive cargo from start to finish.

No more disputes or lengthy claims procedures

Blockchain technology offers immutable proof of your shipments’ location, temperature and departure / arrival updates. Dockflow lets you easily trace back important events to a specific time, location and responsible party.

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