How ArdoVLM successfully reduced logistics coordination costs

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ArdoVLM is a globally renowned supplier of frozen fruits & vegetables, animal proteins, and ancient grains. To ship these goods around the world, they require over 10 parties working on various global tradeflows. However, they had encountered some efficiency challenges with steady increases in shipping volumes.

ArdoVLM reached a point where they needed to upgrade their tools to streamline this collaboration. The digital solutions they were using became inefficient once shipping volumes reached a certain point, resulting in some repetitive tasks prone to errors.

Since ArdoVLM is eager to integrate new technologies and rethink business models, they contacted Dockflow. In only 3 months, all different parties began working on one universal platform, saving on hours of work and costs per month for ArdoVLM alone while increasing accuracy at the same time.

The industry-wide dilemma

Like many supply-chain players, ArdoVLM and their partners came to efficiency limitations due to their software. Each party used a different system: some used SAP, others Microsoft Dynamics, and some had in-house software. These were incompatible, and attempting to integrate them would require too many resources due to their complexity. 

Meanwhile, they needed to keep communicating to execute shipments on time. Using different platforms among the partners, the visibility of the shipments became fragmented, leading to coordination challenges. Lastly, this particular structure lacked elasticity to cope with quick changes and adjustments. 

As a result, they agreed to work on a cloud-based spreadsheet to step away from excessive emails and telephone calls. It was a great solution to streamline collaboration and save time. However, it could not keep up with the growing volume of shipments effectively.

To execute a typical shipment, various team members would have to enter the following data manually:

The time that it takes to complete these tasks and populate data elements could be saved with automation. Furthermore, increasing supply chain complexity could potentially lead to significant challenges.

For example, entering a wrong destination and having a container at the wrong place would have an immediate negative effect on the entire supply chain in terms of customer service levels and costs. ArdoVLM and their partners knew that they needed better-suited tools to match their full potential.

"Our growth and success heavily depend on the scalability of our operations; efficiency and effectiveness are considered key competitive factors. Dockflow played a critical role by creating a long-term solution
for our business needs."
Jay Opyrchal ArdoVLM
Jay Opyrchal, CCLP CCS
Director, Logistics & Operations

The simple solution
for maritime logistics

ArdoVLM sought a system that would enable simple and efficient collaboration with over 10 parties. A big challenge, which is something we at Dockflow enjoy.

Understanding the users' needs

In 3 months, we went from a collaborative spreadsheet to an automated interactive to-do list. 

Dockflow and ArdoVLM joined efforts to create a tailored solution. Their supply chain architects continuously provided insights and feedback -a crucial step in creating a tool that truly adds value- to develop the workflow management feature.

It is an interactive to-do list that connects all systems and users in one place. With a simple interface, everyone can easily visualize stages of shipments and assign tasks to different users. That way, they can suggest sailing schedules, view a list of confirmed shipments to book, and create customizable reports, all in one platform, giving them full control of their logistics operations.

ArdoVLM reached its full potential in the blink of an eye. The app now automatically uploads all their shipment data, leaving no room for errors and limiting repetitive tasks to a minimum.

Taking better decisions

As visibility on shipments increases, so does the accuracy of the supply chain as a whole. ArdoVLM is a global, diversified and complex business, and our solution puts everyone literally on the same page, making it easier to perform more tasks quicker and better. It also improves the decision-making process, which leads to strategic freight procurement decisions, to name just one. In addition, it provides a wealth of information in the form of real-time KPIs and allows to quickly address any supply chain bottlenecks that may arise.

ArdoVLM significantly improved its efficiency while minimizing errors. With instant and secure access to accurate information, they ensure an efficient and transparent supply chain. Which in turn allows them to focus on what really matters, providing an excellent customer experience.

Let’s analyze how your business can become more efficient.

With Dockflow, you can easily:
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  • Stop getting caught by surprise demurrage fees
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