Maritime logistics in a simple platform.

Ship smarter with end-to-end visibility, unraveling hidden insights in your supply chain. Collaborate easily with partners and keep your peace of mind with automated alerts.

Trusted by logistics experts in 115+ countries

Have full control
of your cargo

End-to-end visibility

Spoiled cargo? Delays? Fees? Keep your peace of mind with automated alerts.

Actionable insights

We gather data, visualize it and automate actions, allowing you to ship smarter.

Flexible collaboration

Quickly build trust with partners by integrating them within seconds.

Maritime container monitoring

Your container is no longer a black box.
  • Dockflow keeps an eye on your cargo while it travels the world.
  • Effortlessly track temperature-controlled or high-value shipments.
  • Intelligent alerts keep you in the loop.
"Before Dockflow, we needed 2 full-time employees to continuously monitor our shipments in transit. Now, we are automatically alerted of all important events and temperature issues."
Gaurav Sethi
CEO, Intercont Freight Liners

Analysis & insights

Ship smarter.
  • Easy-to-read visualizations help you analyze your data.
  • Uncover hidden gaps in your logistics chain operations with ease.
  • Make well-informed decisions for more efficient flows.

Customer & partner portal

Upgrade your service to customers.
  • Offer a valuable digital experience by integrating partners in seconds.
  • Give them the transparency they need.
  • Cut down on unnecessary emails, phone calls and PDF attachments.
"Our customers are now always up-to-date with the latest information. Better yet, they can share details to their own customers with one click. This brings our relationships to a next level of trust."

Seamless integrations

In today’s world, businesses use more kinds of software – not less. We make it easy to complement Dockflow with a rich landscape of apps and data sources built by other companies.

References, awards & recognitions

Let’s analyze how your business can become more efficient.

With Dockflow, you can easily:
  • Collaborate with partners and clients in a seamless way

  • Protect sensitive cargo from damage

  • Offer customers a fantastic digital service

  • Get the right information from your partners with one click, instead of endless e-mails and calls

  • Shorten claims proceedings

  • Stop getting caught by surprise demurrage fees

  • Negotiate lower insurance premiums

  • Plan operations ahead