How foodcareplus transforms data into meaningful information for customers and logistics partners

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foodcareplus delivers hands-on and customized solutions for the food industry. Headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium, they are a non-asset based all-round solution provider with a global network, helping to build the architecture of perishable logistics.

From data streams to useful, actionable information

As supply chains grow increasingly complex, foodcareplus receives shipment data from many different sources. The Dockflow platform allows them to bring multiple data streams together to create reliable live monitoring, insights and relevant alerts for each shipment. Most importantly, this information is easily and securely shared with logistics partners and customers.


Supply chain visibility

foodcareplus has always been a market leader for innovative, data-driven supply chain solutions. Their customers could access temperature and GPS-data, however, this did not lead to a full picture without insights in the logistics side of the story. As is a common challenge in maritime logistics, large sections of the supply chain remained obscure. 

Blockchain & data governance

The rise of blockchain technology inspired foodcareplus and its supply chain partners to re-think their communication processes. Blockchain could be an enabler to facilitate transparency and reduce administrative workload. This would give customers end-to-end visibility, relieve transport architects of repetitive administrative tasks and allow for immediate action during incidents such as temperature deviations.

Guaranteed food safety

Another challenge for the perishables shipping industry is the globally increasing demand for transparency and food safety guarantees from consumers, retailers and governing bodies. There is no shortage of marketing-driven transparency initiatives, however, these are not focused on being truly reliable and tamper-proof.

"We want to end the misguided habit of manually copying information - which makes it prone to errors. We need to give our partners easy and secure access to accurate information."
Steve Alaerts
Managing Director

The hassle-free collaboration solution for perishables logistics

Through Dockflow, foodcareplus’ customers and logistics partners now have the full picture. They have instant, secure access to accurate information and are able to collaboratively ensure an efficient and transparent cold chain. foodcareplus and its partners can now focus on what really matters instead of working their way through unstructured, deprecated or inaccurate information.

Strong integrations for meaningful information

One of the most important success factors to create valuable information for all stakeholders was getting the data integrations and logic just right. Thanks to Dockflow’s flexible application architecture and in-depth data model, we were able to integrate many different data sources and consolidate those into meaningful information. Today, foodcareplus and their partners have an overview of the bigger logistics chain picture.

Understanding users' needs

Dockflow and foodcareplus worked closely together to create a tailored solution. foodcareplus’ supply chain architects continuously provided insights and feedback – a crucial step in creating a tool that truly adds value. Relevant alerts, temperature reporting and documents sharing not only save time – an integrated approach ensures everyone has access to accurate and verifiable information.

"Dockflow has already allowed us to immediately intervene during shipments, where food would have otherwise gone to waste. Everyday we contribute to a more sustainable planet - saving our customers money in the meantime."
Nick Van Acker
Export Team Leader