ETAPP Podcast: Alex Van Breedam (TRI-VIZOR) en Laurent Moyersoen (NxtPort) – part 2


In this episode (part 2) of the ETAPP Podcast (Dutch), Sven interviews Alex Van Breedam (co-founder of TRI-VIZOR) and Laurent Moyersoen (Business Analyst & Community Manager at NxtPort).

Building the port of the future

NxtPort is a Data Utility Platform that collects and pools data from various stages in the supply chain of the Port of Antwerp. The platform allows for better data sharing, hence more transparency, more efficiency and better interoperability of existing platforms. The NxtPort Data Utility Platform is the initiative of a number of leading maritime and logistics players from the Port of Antwerp community.

Carpooling for cargo

As the world’s first impartial orchestrator for transport and logistics, TRI-VIZOR proactively prepares, designs and operates horizontal partnerships and collaborative communities among shippers. By bundling and synchronizing logistic activities across multiple supply networks, they create double digit gains in cost, customer service and sustainability for their clients.

To hear more insights about digitalisation in the maritime and logistics industry, check out the ETAPP podcast website or listen on iTunes.

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