Dockflow Founders Recognized by Forbes in the 30 Under 30 List

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In a remarkable acknowledgment of their innovative contributions to the maritime logistics industry, Dockflow’s founders, Michiel Valee and Pauline Van Ostaeyen, have been honored in Forbes’ prestigious 30 Under 30 list for Europe in the Technology category for 2024. This recognition highlights their successful efforts to transform and modernize the maritime shipping industry through digital innovation.

Revolutionizing Maritime Logistics

Founded in 2019, Dockflow, based in Antwerp, Belgium, emerged from the shared vision of Valee and Van Ostaeyen to digitize the age-old maritime shipping sector. The AI-powered platform they developed is a testament to their commitment, integrating multiple data sources to enable real-time container traceability and efficient monitoring of CO2 emissions and carbon offsetting. This forward-thinking approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also promotes environmental sustainability in global trade.

Impressive Growth and Impact

Since its inception, Dockflow has shown impressive growth, tracking an estimated $16 billion in cargo value in 2023 alone. The platform serves over 15,000 companies and has attracted 2,000 users, demonstrating the industry’s robust demand for innovative logistic solutions. The founders’ distinct backgrounds—Valee’s in blockchain and Van Ostaeyen’s in growth marketing and sales—have uniquely positioned Dockflow to lead in the sector.

Future Aspirations

Dockflow is poised for further expansion and development. The recognition by Forbes not only celebrates the founders’ achievements but also sets a precedent for future innovations in the maritime logistics industry. It underscores the significance of embracing digital tools to enhance efficiency and sustainability in logistics.


The inclusion of Michiel Valee and Pauline Van Ostaeyen in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list is not just a personal milestone but a leap forward for the entire maritime logistics sector. It heralds a new era of digital transformation powered by young, visionary leaders committed to making a significant impact. Dockflow continues to set the standard for innovation in maritime logistics, promising a more efficient, sustainable future for global trade.

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