Webinar: Is Blockchain the Holy Grail for logistics?

Dockflow - Is blockchain the holy grail for logistics

Blockchain is rapidly growing in more and more industries, but how will it affect logistics?

By automating the supply chain and implementing IoT, blockchain could go far into the industry. It could provide benefits such as reducing costs, record-keeping, and inventory tracking.

Get the full overview of the pros and cons of blockchain in ports and logistical applications in this discussion with members of our office space, The Beacon.

This event is organized by the Smart Ports & Logistics Focusteam of The Beacon. Register for free with the button at the bottom of this article!

Who is participating in the webinar?

NxtPort International’s CEO, Geert De Wilde: To blockchain or not to blockchain, is that the supply chain question?

Dockflow’s Tech Lead, Michiel Valee: Short and long term perspectives

Verhaert – Load Digital’s project manager, Pedro Colarejo: From manufacturers to the final patient: introducing an eHealth case for applying blockchain to a supply chain.

Ledgit’s co-founder, Filip Marien: How a public data ledger benefits the logistics and supply chain industry.

When is the blockchain in logistics webinar?

Tuesday, 29 June, from 10:00 to 12:00 CEST

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